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For many centuries pearls have been the rarest, most expensive type of jewelry, available only to the upper class & royalty.  Famously, the Roman general Vitellius sold one of his mother's pearl earrings and was able to fund an entire military campaign.  Because of the exorbitant cost of pearls, the Add-a-Pearl tradition was started, allowing families to add-on just one pearl every year for their daughters' birthdays and other special occasions, rather than having to spend a large sum all at once. 
Fortunately, in the 1990s, high quality & affordable freshwater-cultured pearls came on the scene, making the add-a-pearl tradition available to all.  In fact, pearls are so affordable now, that you could even give your daughter or niece a whole new piece of jewelry every year!


How It Works



For necklaces, it is easy to start with a single pearl pendant necklace, such as the these ones.




Every year, you could then add one or two more pearls to the necklace, wire wrapping them to create a delightful dangling effect, or stringing them side by side.





This same principle can be easily applied to bracelets as well, starting with one pearl and adding pearls on, making the bracelet longer in length as she grows.





A perfect compliment to an Add-A-Pearl necklace or bracelet would be a gorgeous pair of classic round or button pearl earrings, available in both sterling silver and 14k Gold.




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