June Birthstone: Pearl


Summer is finally here and June is busting out all over!  That means it's Pearl Girl Time.  Pearl is the birthstone for June, making pearl jewelry the perfect birthday gift for the junebug in your life.  Whether she likes to be pretty in pink, classic in white, or fun & colorful, Bourdage Pearls has the perfect gift for you!


Pearls: the "Queen of Gems"

Before the invention of cultured pearls in the early 1900s, pearls were so rare and expensive that only royalty could afford them.  While today's working professional woman can easily acquire a gorgeous statement pearl necklace for between $500-$5000, back in the days of the Roman Empire an entire military campaign could be financed from the sale of just one pearl earring (Nova).  Luckily, once the technology for culturing saltwater and freshwater pearls was developed, pearl jewelry became widely available to everyone while still retaining its sense of power, prestige, and class.  Make your June birthday girl feel like a queen with a necklace or pair of earrings today!  

Buy online at www.BourdagePearls.com or visit us in store.


Pink Multi-Color Triple Strand Statement NecklacePink Pearl and Amazonite 14k Gold Station Necklace

AAA PEARL White Freshwater Button Pearl Stud Earrings


For more information about pearls, visit our pearl education page: www.BourdagePearls.com/Pearl-Education

Eco-Friendly & Effortlessly Chic

Pearls are the only gems made from living creatures: freshwater mussels and saltwater oysters.  They promote good environmental stewardship, as the mussels and oysters can only survive in clean, un-polluted water.  Buy your girl pearls and take an important step towards supporting clean lakes and oceans today, so you can enjoy the beach all summer long for years to come!  


Feel the pure water energy wherever you go with your pearl jewelry.


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  • Shar on

    Wow, nice information. Pearls share the title of June birthstone with Moonstone and Alexandrite. Birthstones are the perfect gift for a girl. Alexandrite is very rare and expensive gem and it changes colors depending on the light. Moonstone is the variety of color and a common gem found in rocks. I found some information about June Birthstone pearl from Timeless Pearl and some of here. It’s really a very interesting and nice things. Thanks for sharing.

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