Pearl Stringing Classes

Learn the Ancient Art of Pearl Knotting

I am thrilled that we have finally launched Pearl Knotting Classes!  Starting this Spring we will host a class to teach Women, Men & Teens the ins and outs of knotting pearls.

These pearl knotting classes will be a great way to share our passion for pearls and cultured pearl jewelry with a wider variety of people. The $40 fee will cover the cost of supplies and up to 1 hour of our time. For an extra $15, you can choose with from a selection of our B quality pearls and take it home with you.  Although we will offer participants a discount on their pearls, it is out hope that people can join our class without feeling the need to purchase pearls to learn from. These classes will also offer a great opportunity for participants to knot their family pearls or to re-knot some jewelry they already own.

For more information or to book a lesson, call 773 244 1126.